Yelly - Mat's Magic Sound Pen


At First Glance

Yelly Magic Sound Pen is a pen that looks like a children's toy. Using this pen, kids can touch a letter or an image on the Yelly Mat and it makes the corresponding sound. Language option can be set to hear the explanation in different languages. It can also store 2,500 contents in the 6 different languages.  


  1. Natural sounding based on sound engineering
  2. Rich sounding system enables outdoor activity
  3. Help with child's hearing protect and cognitive development
  4. Size: 65mm (horizontal) X 102 mm(vertical)
  5. Material: K-Resin, TPR-9000, ABS
  6. Liner power: 6DC 5.0V / 0.5A
  7. Sound pen has 1 year local warranty.



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