Wyeth - S-26® PE GOLD For the Picky Eater - 900 gram


At a Quick Glance:

S-26® PE GOLD For the Picky Eater milk formula is for mothers with young picky eaters. It may be difficult to ensure adequate nutrition from their children's daily food intake, especially when the child has a habit of refusing foods like vegetables and fishes, or eats little due to a general disinterest in food. He or she may miss out on the key nutrients of the various food categories needed for healthy growth and development. 

S-26® PE GOLD For the Picky Eater milk formula contains a unique combination of Lutein, Beta Carotene, Nucleotides, and Dietary Fibre together with other essential nutrients. 


    • S-26® PE GOLD For the Picky Eater  features DHA x5.4 an important building block for brain and eyes development in children.
    • Luttein +52% : A predominant component of the retina of the eyes
    • Oligofructose (OF) +75%: A soluble dietary fibre, stimulates an increase of the beneficial bifidobacterial in the intestinal tract

      How to Prepare

      1. Add 210 ml of previously boiled lukewarm water to a cup
      2. Add 2-5 scoops of powder (49 g)*
      3. Stir Vigorously until dissolves

      *See table below for number of level scoops based on child's age.

      ** One scoop of S-26® PE GOLD For the Picky Eater = 8.4 grams


      • Keep can in a cool, dry place
      • Always replace lid after use
      • Use within 4 weeks of opening
      • Avoid prolonged storage at excessive temperatures
      • Expiration date on bottom of can

      Dietary Information: Halal

      Country of Origin: Singapore


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