Roodhen - Extra Virgin Candlenut Oil, 110 ml

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At a Quick Glance:

Roodhen - Extra Virgin Candlenut (110 ml) is made of 100% candlenut oil and premium ingredients. Without any chemical added, it is processed with modern technology. It is suitable for baby, adult, woman and even man. NO ALCOHOL, and PRESERVATIVES. It is safe, effective, and no cause allergies.


    • Stimulate hair growth for infants / toddlers and adults
    • Nourish and grow the hair
    • Treating hair healthier, darker, and thicker
    • Overcome baldness
    • Cure hair loss
    • Strengthen hair root and prevent split end

    How to Apply: 

    • Apply on hair and scalp in dry hair condition, then slowly massaged
    • Leave it for 30-60 minutes (can be wrapped with a towel).
    • Rinse, wash with shampoo
    • Routinely use


    • Keep it away from direct sun
    • Always close the bottle after use

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