Konicare - Telon Baby Oil, 125 ml


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At a Quick Glance:

Konicare Minyak Telon oil to 125ml is made of natural ingredients that can relieve pain or itching on the skin. Warm equipped with a soothing fragrant. Not only that it can be used to relieve flatulence and provide a sense of warmth to the baby's body. Can warm the baby's body, prevents flatulence and colds in infants and prevents babies from mosquito bites. 

Minyak Telon is a traditional mix of oils giving a feeling of warmth and protection for all the family. It has traditionally been applied to babies when they need the feeling of extra warmth, especially after bathing. In times of a bloated stomach or trapped wind. It can provide relief to all ages. It’s also great for aches and pains, with a fragrant scent and non-sticky to touch it can be easily applied to the skin. 


    • Provide a sense of warmth to the baby's body
    • Relieves abdominal bloating
    • Effective against colic, expels trapped wind


      • High quality oils and protective, nourishing body lotions help to create sensations of warmth and well-being.
      • Warning! A child with baby oil on their skin may be slippery – be careful when handling the child.
      • An ideal massage oil for baby.


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