J.L. Childress - Food 'N Fun Toddler Tray For Strollers


At a Quick Glance:

JL Childress Food 'N Fun Toddler Tray For Strollers keeps food, drinks, snacks and toys within easy reach of your child! This toddler tray features an expandable mesh pocket and 3 deep, insulated pockets to keep cups, bottles or snacks cool.

Its sturdy, rigid foam construction prevents sagging while heavy-duty, non-slip velcro ensures the tray is secured firmly to the stroller's front bar. A no-throw strap also attaches to your child's sippy cup handle for times when your child frustratedly sweeps it off the tray!  A functional and innovative product, this toddler tray comes in handy to keep your little one occupied on-the-go!


Key Features:

  1. Keeps cups, food and toys within your child's reach!
  2. Heavy-duty, non-slip velcro to attach tray to the stroller front bar!
  3. Includes useful No-throw strap to attach sippy cups and 4 loops with an elastic strap on the child-facing panel for attaching toys, cuddle buddies & blankets!
  4. Sturdy, rigid foam construction to prevent sagging!
  5. Requires an upright stroller with a bar in front to attach to.

Product Care:

Wipe clean with water and mild soap. Dry thoroughly. 

Product Dimension:

Size: 13.75” L x 6” H x  5.5” D

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