Gakken - New Block Shinkansen Set Soft Bag-66 pcs


At a Quick Glance:

Children learn to build creation by using their little hands and tiny fingers. Gakken New Block is designed to be safe and enjoyable for children of age 1.5 and up. Cool Bullet Train Set. Easy to build. The challenge is to build a Transforming Bullet train cum robot running through a tunnel!  

Key Features: 

  • A safe toy made of soft materials
  • Distinctive Shapes Designed for Assembly
  • Big Size for Easy Gripping
  • More importantly, New Block develops concentration, imagination, and creativity

    Available Designs:

    1. Starter Bag
    2. My First Set 1
    3. My First Set 2
    4. Vehicle Set
    5. Flower Set
    6. Full Set
    7. Bullet Train bag
    8. Fire Engine Bottle 
    9. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bag

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