Pigeon - Rapid Steam sterilizer *New


At a Quick Glance:

PIGEON Rapid Steam Sterilizer is designed to accept all sizes and shapes of feeding bottles and can accommodate up to nine standard or seven wide-neck bottles.

Its rapid six-minutes steam sterilization cycle effectively destroys bacteria, without the use of chemicals. Automatically switches off when the sterilization cycle is completed. The power-on indicator shows that the unit is switched on. A large accessory tray holds all bottle accessories for the convenience of sterilization. When unopened, the steam sterilizer keeps contents sterile for up to six hours.

Key Features:

  • Fast 6 minutes sterilization cycle
  • Large storage capacity that can hold up to 5 nursing bottles & accessories
  • Microbiologically proven to kill harmful bacteria effectively
  • Removable trays to allow flexibility, convenience and easy maintenance
  • Translucent Lid allows clear view contents inside the sterilizer
  • Auto switch-off feature provides extra safety while conserving energy


      For the product's manual, click here.

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